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Moving forward during the next 1 - 5 years, Data Analysis and Interpretation will
be the defining feature of successful organisations.
The ability to do it....The ability to execute it ....and the
ability to take action on it, will define your success....


Business users have now realised the importance of analytics in their day to day activities. For many organisations, the enterprise wide deployment of analytics results in the introduction of new and improved analytical business processes - and many deployments have realised significant success and effectively transformed how the enterprise does business. Success stories abound in a whole range of service-oriented industries including retail, consumer products, transportation, banking and financial services, communications, media and healthcare.

OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL has many years experience in Data Warehousing Analytical Applications from custom designing and developing Enterprise Data Warehouse Analytic requirements, through to implementing specific vendor applications and analytics as per client requests. Such analytical applications include:

  • Needs and Behaviour based Segmentation (Market and Customer Segmentation)
  • Life Time Value
  • Customer Profitability
  • Churn Management (Detection, Profiling, Modelling, Prediction and Removal)
  • Customer Management (Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty and Removal)
  • Industry Specific Analytics for Transportation, Communications, Banking, Financial Services and Utilities
  • Market Basket Analysis for Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Enterprise Marketing Management Analytics
  • Data Mining Models

We offer a comprehensive suite of analytics consulting and where required, partner software, to help you reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk and predict with precision, while driving optimal performance and benefit from the solution.

Contact Us for more information on how OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL can help you evolve your Analytical or CRM requirements and add true business value.

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