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As measured by our customers, to positively impact the business success of organisations through a unique blend of skills, vision, knowledge, experience, people and commitment to achieving success through expert use of our chosen disciplines.

OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL is a privately held organisation and is based at our corporate headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Our open management structure offers no bureaucratic overheads or red tape thus allowing quick response to client enquiries and assistance as well as flexibility in our solutions and how we do business.

Clients hire consultants for specific experience and expertise and to minimise risk. These risks come in many forms including missed timeframes, solutions that do not work and solutions that become obsolete too soon. In its' purest form, experience helps minimise risk. OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL breaks experience into two factors.

The first is breadth of experience. Companies have business attributes that make them unique and this uniqueness presents challenges to implementing business solutions. By supplying professionals with substantial multi company, business aware backgrounds and exposure, we ensure that our delivered consultancy, services and solutions fit perfectly with the business needs.

The second form of experience comes from having implemented similar projects in the past and applying those lessons to gain efficiencies. Because we have performed these tasks many times before, each new client can trust that they will be performed with equal or increased precision and efficiency for them. Obstacles will be reduced and deadlines will be met thereby reducing the cost and time to value for the client.

As we create and implement high value solutions and services for our clients to maintain their long term business value, we too adopt this partnership philosophy in working with the client for long term success.

We are passionate about what we do. We succeed in what we do - simply because we know what to do. Our customers know this and our prospects expect this. We have high expectations and are always looking for professional, ethical, equally passionate and driven individuals who take initiative, follow through, and take accountability and responsibility to deliver results. We expect our employees to do whatever it takes to provide our clients with the service and value that exceeds their previous experiences.

Should you feel your knowledge and experience in implementing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse technologies and Analytical solutions would contribute to servicing and developing our customers - and you like a more personable work environment, one which rewards individuals for their contributions with recognition and advancement - then please consider emailing your CV to All information received is kept strictly confidential. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

You may also Contact Us here for any general enquiries.

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