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Typically, Data Warehouse environments begin with building customer knowledge and end in high impact customer interactions that will assist your business to establish long-term, profitable customer relationships. The importance is to create a sound foundation to build on. The challenge of prioritising urgent needs of the business and creating this foundation is crucial in understanding the best direction for the organisation. And, you need a sense of urgency in evolving the environment.

Equally important to this is the fact that you need to engage with an organisation that has the skill, knowledge and depth of implementation experience in order to design and implement such a solution in a timely, risk adverse manner. You cannot design and build a Data Warehouse environment unless you have previous experience. The sheer number of variables that affect how it is built from business issues to data availability to architectural deployment and data model characteristics require experienced practitioners. OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL has these skilled service practitioners and offers the full life cycle of Data Warehousing Professional Implementation Services including:-

  • Requirements Gathering / Business Interviews
  • Business Assessment / Strategy Alignment
  • Data Assessment
  • Solution Definition
  • Data Warehouse Architecture & Design
  • Industry Specific Logical and Physical Data Modelling
  • Organisational Readiness Assessment
  • Integration Requirements and Assessment
  • Data Acquisition and Loading
  • Solution Deployment
  • Capacity Planning, Testing and Business Continuity
  • Ongoing Enhancements
  • Data Warehouse Assessments and Audits

We have worked with all of the commercially known RDBMS that are used for the Data Warehouse environment. Our experience is practical and is derived from the knowledge gained from almost two decades of implementation work. We have built customer solutions from the ground up and implemented pre-packaged solutions. Most important, the implementation is business based and uses the best possible solution components for business success.

Contact Us for more information on how OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL can help you evolve your Data Warehouse environment and add true business value.

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