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OPRAXE INTERNATIONAL partners with strategic consulting and technology organisations who themselves, work continuously to ensure the success of their customer initiatives. We make significant commitments to each other, including opportunities in joint business development, implementation, training and marketing programs. Through our joint efforts, our collective customers are able to minimize their risk and maximise their return on strategic projects.

We are committed to helping our partners succeed by working with your existing business model to facilitate the achievement of your organisational goals. If you are an organisation that provide best practice in their area of expertise and you are interested in learning more about partnering, please contact us at

Our Partners in Success

Binadox provides on-premises and in the cloud, software and SaaS licensing compliance management solutions for IT, Procurement, SAM and legal departments. For the web and cloud, Binadox provides "SaaS / Web Usage Monitor" which discovers, manages and optimizes SaaS subscriptions and web application. The solution helps IT and procurement to drive IT costs down, discover "shadow IT" and improve users' SaaS apps adoption. For on-premises software management, Binadox solutions include "Software Licenses (Agreements) Repository" which provides license agreements (i.e. EULA) for deployed software. Featuring Natural Language Processing (NLP - AI based machine learning) analysis of the text to extract use rights, entitlements and other legal clauses which makes license analysis faster and straightforward

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DataSunrise Database Security software suite is a cross-platform high performance Database Firewall solution that secures databases and data in real-time. DataSunrise defends databases and protects customer sensitive data from outside threats and internal security breaches. DataSunrise can monitor all of the requests from database client applications to a protected database and control the responses from the database. It provides powerful Database Auditing, Data Security, Data Masking rules driven by easy to use GUI.

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HVR Software
At HVR, we Accelerate Data Movement so that you can Revolutionize Your Business. HVR is a real-time data replication solution designed to move large volumes of data FAST and efficiently in hybrid environments for real-time anlaytics. Our goal is to keep your data moving and in sync as you adopt new technologies for storing, streaming, and analyzing data. Our scalable solution gives you everything you need for efficient data integration from beginning to end so that you can readily revolutionize your business for the modern world.

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